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The Perfect Summer Shoe

The classic Mauleon espadrille is made from natural materials including cotton and jute and with expertise handed down over generations.

We at Megam Creation also manufacture a range of bags made from the same materials that compliment our espadrilles.  Our most recent product is the ‘New Generation’ espadrille, customized for sports clubs, designers and prestigious brand names.

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The espadrille, a way of life …

Espadrilles are made from natural materials including jute, cotton, linen and leather. They're the perfect summer shoe.

The classic espadrille makes a distinctive statement but modern techniques and innovation are adding an exciting new twist to the traditional design.

Whatever your taste, you'll be able to find an espadrille that you'll be happy to wear throughout the day and into the evening.

Tradition with the modern touch …

The town of Mauleon is the capital of the Soule region of the Basque country in France. For 150 years it has had a tradition of producing the highest quality espadrilles and the standards necessary to obtain the quality mark ‘l’espadrille de Mauleon’ are rigorously maintained. The Megam family business is proud to be heir to this tradition and each generation of the family has achieved this seal of quality for their shoes.
If you get a chance, please visit our factory and shop in Mauleon where you will find the classic espadrille alongside ultra-fashionable designs and our range of bags; all available in the full range of materials, colours and sizes.

Our business is open to visits from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and until midday on Fridays. Visits are open to both tour parties and independent tourists (and locals too). Visits cost just 9 euros per person and everybody leaves with a free pair of authentic espadrilles. We hope to see you soon ...